About Us

New Horizon Youth Centre is a day centre working with young people who are vulnerable, homeless or at risk.

New Horizon Youth Centre aims to enable young people to gain skills and knowledge to improve their life chances and to help them move from adolescence into adulthood.

We work with some very disadvantaged young people, many of whom have poor self esteem, low confidence, a history of rejection, harm and abuse and often profoundly negative experiences of organisations, structures and the helping professions generally.

Based in the Kings Cross, Somers Town area of London, the centre sees up to 3,000 young people a year and is open seven days a week.

A range of services are offered including:

• Advice and support into accommodation.
• Educational and training programmes.
• Job search and placements.
• Drugs advice and assessments
• Street outreach work
• Tenancy support services.
• Practical services such as food, laundry, showers and second-hand clothes store are all provided.

Many of the coping mechanisms young people use serve to further isolate and demonise them, these include drug and alcohol abuse, sexual vulnerability, self harming or chaotic risky lifestyles which often results in more serious mental health problems.

New Horizon Youth Centre does a great deal to turn the negative experiences around by offering a supportive environment whilst channelling young people towards meaningful lifestyles and occupations.